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Coach Corner

This will become the place for coaches to see the latest rules, recommendations and other coach-related info!
NEW! Soccer Guide changes will be listed here in time for the January 26th games.
See U5/U7/U9 practice recommendations below.

Coach Recommendations for U5/U7 (and even some U9) 

  • #1 Focus on fun + dribbling, shooting, mobility, confidence, simple rules & some partnering
  • No lines, laps and lectures; Yes positive, passionate and principled.
  • Keep activities simple, all-inclusive & active; players should be moving w/ a ball 50%+
  • Repeat proven favorite activities with small changes or no changes at all. Repetition is good. Maybe only try 1 or 2 new activities each week.
  • No U5/U7 goalkeepers or hands for safety reasons and to encourage more scoring and fun
  • Ask for spare league balls if a player does not have one. We sometimes have other spare equipment as well.
  • Use multiple coaches/assistants and enlist parents as needed. The activities are easy and fun.
  • Encourage players to play on the field without their parents, but a 1-2 week transition may be needed. Assistants can help with this.
  • Did we mention fun? show your goofy side, show you care, simple Q&A, be safe, add humor, stickers or snacks, offer free rewards, Be You!

Use Class Athlete-recommended activities as much as possible. 

  1. Hit the Coaches – Players dribble and kick their ball into moving coaches’ legs. Use multiple coaches so kids can hit their favorite. Coaches can change speed, sayings, noises, dances, high-fives and direction, and they can be robots, zombies, pirates, roaches, scaredy cats and more.
  2. Moving Goals – Players dribble and kick ball between walking coaches as posts with a pinnie between them as a crossbar
  3. Simon Says – coach gives various mobility & soccer-related instructions – team success = coach animal noise or dance, coach success = player noise/dance/spin
  4. Races – dribble, sprint, run backwards, shuffle, jump or do relays or ladders
  5. Hospital Tag – players dribble in a square, coaches or designated players tap them on the head/shoulders/arms, players cover where they got tapped with a hand (band-aid), on the 3rdrband-aid players must go to the hospital for jumping jacks or other activity in order to heal and return
  6. Zombie/Freeze Tag – players dribble in a square, coaches or assigned zombie/MrFreeze tap other players on the head/shoulders/arms, other dribblers can tap zombified or frozen players to un-zombify or un-freeze them
  7. Obstacle Courses – dribble around that, touch that, hi-5 a fan, score, end here
  8. Challenges – beat coach, beat your last round score or best score, juggle 1-2x on RF/LF/thigh, running, dribbling, throws, kicking distance, combination dribbling or agility actions
  9. Follow the Leader – variety, mobility, dribbling, rule learning, field learning, walk funny, act crazy fun
  10. Clean Your Yard – 1 team on each half with equal balls, 1 minute to kick as many balls as possible into the other team’s yard, team with cleanest yard at end wins
  11. Square Dribbling – add coach zombie/pirate, add hot lava rock cones, whack a mole, add cone gates & count times thru, each pick up 1 cone & go to sideline
  12. Square Passing – to coaches on sides, to moving assigned partners, can use cone shapes other than squares
  13. Square Shooting – dribble & call name of player to exit and shoot, perhaps shooter becomes a goal defender for next shooter or coach can assign 1 defender for a few turns each, or partners pass and when called the partner w/o ball becomes a defender while the other is shooter, can use 2 goals(red&yellow), can use cone shapes other than squares
  14. Pirate Ship – divide into 2 teams on 2 ships with equal balls in a small treasure chest (4 cone rectangle), 1 min. for each team to get maximum treasure (balls) in their chest, can only steal 1 treasure at a time, count each team's treasure at the end, add rules like must-dribble-out or if tagged on the other ship, you must go back to your ship or a designated jail where you can be bailed out by teammates or perform your penance

15. Everybody Shoots on Coach Goalkeeper or Ask the Kids their Favorites or Offer 2 Choices - make sure players are not getting hit by shooters