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Important 3v3 Tournament Info

Class Athlete 3v3 Soccer Tournament
Sunday October 20th
Red Bug Lake Park Field B

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Important Tourney Info Below
starting with Schedules for both the Round Robin and Elimination Phases





****************** 3v3 Email Sent To All Registrants **************************

Class Athlete 3v3 Participants,

Thank you for registering in the Class Athlete Fall 2019 3v3 Soccer Tournament on Sunday October 20th! We posted rosters and emailed them to everyone for communication and team shirt color coordination. Schedules and field layouts will be posted online by Friday midnight if not sooner, but we currently expect U9 and U13 to play first at 8:30AM or 9AM followed by U11 and U15 a half-hour later with championship games finishing by 2-230PM. Please arrive 30 minutes before your 1st game and know all of the following information.

1. Every team needs matching shirt colors. Every team needs game balls. Matching shorts and socks are nice, but they are definitely not required. Jersey numbers are not required. Shirt color just needs to reasonably match and can be white. You should not spend extra money on uniforms unless your team chooses to. We will have spare pinnies and your free orange tournament t-shirts as alternates in case teams have colors that are too similar. We recommend each team have multiple properly inflated game balls (size 4 for U9/U11/U13, size 5 for U15/U18) to support more playing time as out-of-bounds balls are replaced. We will have a couple helpful ball shaggers, and your own volunteer ball shaggers are allowed as long as they are not instructing or distracting behind the goals. Each team is responsible for matching distinguishable jerseys and proper game balls, but we will have spares as needed.

2. Tournament games may run from 830AM to 3PM at Red Bug Lake Park Field B. Each age group will differ, but most teams can expect to have their first game at 8:30AM or 9AM. Most teams will be done by 1-2PM after 4-5 games. We avoid back-to-back games for teams if at all possible and may shorten the time between games before finals or after any weather delays. Please consider having food delivered from our sponsors and consider celebrating after the tournament as a team with our sponsors such as Gators, Tomasino's, Jersey Mike's and Jeremiah's (be sure to mention Class Athlete). Field B is parallel to the road @ Red Bug Lake Park, 3600 Red Bug Lake Rd, Casselberry, FL 32707

3. Rules, helpful links and other details are available at and here. Class Athlete code of conduct still applies. We will use our 4x6 goals. Games are stopped after two 12-minute halves or after one team scores 12 goals.

4. Final schedule will be published by midnight Friday October 18th. We will do our best to publish a schedule earlier, but be prepared to arrive 30 minutes before your first game to set-up a canopy, check-in and warm-up as early as 8-830AM. Some teams struggle to be organized before the first whistle which affects their results. Many previous tournament attendees were not aware that the schedule and live results are posted online. Of course, we will also have schedules and results posted on a poster board near the check-in table at the field where most people go to look.

5. Check-in. One team representative should check-in at our main table 30-40 minutes before the 1st game start. They will receive player t-shirts, wrist bands, and important information such as schedule, field map and rules.

6. Players are required to wear their wrist band the entire tournament. Broken bands can be replaced at the table. Unapproved players will result in team expulsion.

7. Be on time to games. Games are very tightly scheduled. It is important that games start on time including the 1st round. Be prepared and prompt for each game without distracting prior games and spectators. Half time is 2 minutes. 1 or 2 quick tips and some water. Play on. If you are not 100% sure about your schedule, ask staff at the table.

8. Canopies. Canopies are allowed outside the field fences if safe, properly staked and off pathways. Sport and large umbrellas are allowed on the fields if safe and properly anchored 5+ feet outside the white sidelines and end lines.

9. Hydration, Sunscreen & Ice. Coolers are recommended. No alcohol or glass containers. Bathrooms and a water fountain will be available. A sunscreen lotion station is available near the bathroom on Field B. Small amounts of ice are available in the office or at our table. We will also have first aid kits.

10. Weather Delays. In the event of a weather delay, all games will be postponed, not canceled. In the event of a park lightning detector warning, everybody will be asked to go to their cars and we will use signals, staff, coach communication trees and social media to keep everybody posted. Please be patient. Delays typically last at least 20-30 minutes. Current weather projections are hot and partly cloudy. If the tournament is ended prematurely, any games at or beyond half time will be counted as completed and any divisions that have played 4+ games as guaranteed will be awarded medals as appropriate based on standings at the time. We have reserved fields for Sunday October 27th if necessary.

11. Most Classy Award. An award will be given for Most Classy team based on paper votes in your team packet picked up at coach check-in.

12. Fun Ideas. We like to think 3v3 soccer is fun by itself. But, it can be a long hot day and you can make it more fun by having favorite drinks, canopy shade, family gatherings, water guns, fruit and snacks, cool towels, plenty of chairs, maybe some games/electronics, music (not too loud) and perhaps some fun team building exercises like the magic stick game, the human knot or rock-paper-scissors championships. We might also have a photo opportunity for you.

13. Class. It's real simple. Class 1st. Athlete 2nd. Yes, this is a fairly competitive tournament. Yes, we have no playing time or Scoresmanship rule like our normal leagues. Still, this is a Class Athlete tournament and our code of conduct applies. It's the right thing to do anyway. We do hope coaches will still manage scores and playing time expectations, although goal differential will come into play for playoff seedings. Please treat referees, opponents and fellow coaches with respect and set a good example even when in disagreement. Enjoy friends and family. Make it a fun memory for everybody.

Email me with any questions or catch me at the fields Saturday.

Thanks, Stu

Stuart Huff, Soccer Director
"Class 1st. Athlete 2nd."
330-732-5832 (c)
[email protected]


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No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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